Urgent curvy oil

Urgent curvy oil





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Product Description

The Herbalsucceed urgent curvy oil is specially made from over 24 potent herbs proven to boost the female estrogen and accumulate fat at the hips and butt area , it made for those who needs to get in shape urgently for programs and unplanned dates.
For a permanent and long lasting results, it is advised that one applies this secret oil for at least 2 months .


Without the oil, massage a little amount of water to prepare the skin to receive the oil, wipe dry and put an appropriate amount of oil in your palm, massage in a circular motion till it’s fully absorbed.
Wait for at least 3 mins before dressing


Enlarges the buttocks
Increases and lifts the buttocks
Eliminates black lines gradually
Maintains the beauty and appearance of natural skin
Enlarges and firms breast
Builds legs , calf and thighs