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  • Mr Q for long lasting in bed

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    Formulated for the world and distributed in West Africa, Mr Q, a herbal medicine enhances the body's immune system, balances men multi-sexual elements thus improving immunity and reinstates physical fitness. Mr. Q Liquid energizes the human system to overcome stress, fatigue and depression whilst improving the immune system. Mr. Q Liquid offers an impressive functionality of improving ones sex life with an increased libido, quick and rapid erection. Mr. Q liquid is not limited to promoting man's sexual function only but also helps maintain and prolong sexual desires, strengthening waist and knees, preventing chilly and cold sensations of the limbs, managing fatigue and other undersexed symptoms. “Our herbal medicines guarantee a high curative effect without side effects” said Mr. Jonas Amoni, Marketing Manager of Qunloon Ghana Limited. Mr Q Liquid is a world class formulated herbal medicine certified and approved by FDA China and FDA Ghana. “The uniqueness of Mr Q sets it apart from other self-acclaimed sex products with relation to the fact that, Mr Q can be used for daily health care without any side effect.”
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  • Man complete herbal capsules

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      Man Complete is a unique product in the trunk of intimate supplements. As the only one able to operate on three planes. It is designed to receive on a cure basis, one capsule a day after the first meal. Created for real men! Man Complete is a unique remedy in the market, you will not find another so effective! As the only one has 2x more ingredients than the rest of the market. As a result of several years of research scientists have selected ingredients that combine amazing effects! Man Complete works on the three biggest sexual challenges in the male world! Man Complete is the only such comprehensive solution that addresses the three biggest challenges men's sexual problems are: penis size premature ejaculation Incomplete erection The Man Complete formula is the work of a whole team of scientists. The composition was created in such a way that it was as effective as possible while retaining the maximum naturalness that increases the bioavailability of the ingredients  
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